Tried & Tested Tips To Help You Sell Your House

Tried & Tested Tips To Help You Sell Your House

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Hi there, mga higala! Acadeo’s back with the real estate series again.

Buying a home for ourselves is the goal for many of us. It’s a universal sign of independence especially for young professionals, who want to have a secure living space for themselves and their future family.

For some of us, however, selling a house is a goal that needs to be met.

There are many reasons why a person or family will want to sell their home. Some families need to sell their home because they’re migrating to a different country. Some families want to move to a smaller home, especially as the older children move on to have families of their own. There are also those who wish to sell their homes because of dire circumstances, like medical emergencies.

Whatever the reason, selling a home is a big endeavor. Here are some tips that will help entice buyers to consider the property you’re selling.


Small repairs may not seem like a big deal, but when a prospective buyer visits your property and finds small repairs left unattended, this gives them the impression that the property is not taken care of, and that there are bigger repairs hidden away.

While this assumption may not be necessarily true, first impressions last – and when selling a property like a home, you want to make the best impression every time.

So if your home has a few leaky faucets, noisy door hinges, or flickering lights, get them fixed first before showing your potential buyer around the property.


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and this is true, even in real estate. Here’s a piece of advice that a real estate agent will tell you: make your property look good.

If you’re on a budget, then renovating the home is out of the question. However, cleaning up the property and its surroundings can be cheaper than you might think: a broom, some rags, and a lot of patience can go a long way towards sprucing up a place.

Your potential buyer wants to buy home or commercial properties that are attractive to them. Cleaning up the place and giving it a quick facelift can work wonders for your property in getting it sold off the market.


We love our homes. We put every detail of our personality into how we decorate it. However, when it comes to selling the property, a very personalized home can be a detriment.

Think of it like buying second-hand clothes. You want the dress, because you think you’ll look good in it, but you also don’t want to know where the dress has been. It feels a little invasive and rude, right?

It’s the same for homes and other real estate properties. A lot of resold homes are often demolished by their new owners because they feel uncomfortable with the history of the home. If you’re very attached to keeping your home in its original form even after it’s been sold, do your best to make it an empty slate, such as repainting the walls a plain white, removing personal decor like photos and gifts, and ventilating the space to get rid of familiar smells.

These are just 3 tips that will help you attract buyers and get your property sold off the market much faster. If you have tips like these that you want to share, comment on this article!

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