UNICEF Held a Peace Concert, Young People of Mindanao Expressed their Longing for Peace

UNICEF Held a Peace Concert, Young People of Mindanao Expressed their Longing for Peace

A Peace Concert by Children’s agency UNICEF and their partners was held to celebrate the International Day of Peace. In support of the National Peace Consciousness Month, youth who were affected by the armed conflict in Mindanao gathered to express their hopes and dreams of peace through singing and dancing.


Kalimudan Arts and Culture Center, Mindanao State University, and UNICEF organized the concert.

Mindanao youth expressed their longing in attaining peace in the region during the Peace Concert. Young people of Sarangani composed a song entitled as Sabay-Sabay Tayo Para Sa Kabataan showing their visions and dreams for peace, it was one of the highlights of the concert.

People tend to see that the youth was a problem of society yet UNICEF believes that adolescence is a period of opportunity for children. These young people are also an asset who can support the positive change and help build peace in their families, communities, and in the world.

Julia Rees, UNICEF Philippines deputy representative stated, “Participation helps adolescents to become the architects of their own lives, developing themselves and their communities and becoming a collective and creative force for a better future. The young people’s performances in the concert showed that they not only have a deep appreciation of the rich cultural traditions of Mindanao, but also bright dreams of a peaceful future and the roles they can play in making this future a reality.”

UNICEF who was supported by their partners, helps adolescent development and participation across Mindanao, aiming their involvement in peacebuilding. About 10,000 adolescents in Mindanao including students and out-of-school youth, were given the access to adolescent-friendly spaces so they could develop life skills with the help of UNICEF and its partners.

This concert encourages young people in peace building through arts and culture, which is a helpful means for the youth to explore and express themselves regarding peace and conflict issues happening in their areas.

News Source: Manila Standard

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