Uniqlo to open soon in SM Downtown Premiere

Uniqlo to open soon in SM Downtown Premiere

Uniqlo SM Downtown Premiere

Source: Asian Times

Uniqlo is one of the prestigious brands in and outside the country. It believes that everyone can benefit from simple, well-designed clothes because if all people can look and feel better every day, then maybe the world can be a little better too.

In a report from Business World Online, the Uniqlo Philippines Chief Operating Office Katsumi Kubota said that the company will open 3,000 square meter stores in two SM malls in Davao City and the soon-to-be-opened SM Cagayan de Oro Downtown Premier.

SM CDO Downtown Premier will open its doors next month (May 2017) and is expected that it will change the lifestyle shopping in the city. The large area of the mall that will surely bring the finest dining concepts and styles that can compete globally.

In addition, Mr. Kubota stated, “We are committed to growing business in Mindanao, and look forward to delighting our customers in this region for years to come.”

Thus, SM CDO Downtown Premier exhilarates the Kagay-anons with Uniqlo’s plus factor that will surely interest them.


Source: Business World Online

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