U.S. Congratulates Presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

U.S. Congratulates Presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

Image Source | kapamilya.com

Image Source | kapamilya.com

On Thursday, May 12, the United States congratulated Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the presumptive President-elect of the Philippines.

“The United States offers its sincerest congratulations to the people of the Philippines on the conclusion of the May 9, 2016 general elections, and to the presumptive president-elect Rodrigo Duterte,” Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said

“The United States looks forward to continuing to deepen our bilateral partnership with the new administration as we address common challenges and issues of mutual interest,” she added.

The act of the U.S. in congratulating Duterte is a rare action by the nation since they are giving congratulatory messages to the apparent winners of presidential elections in other countries when the winning candidate is officially declared as the winner.

The unofficial result that has already recorded 95.87% votes nationwide shows that the leading Presidential candidate, Rodrigo Duterte, is mathematically unsurpassable.

The Philippines and the United States also enhanced their military alliance as China is continually aggressive in their demands of the Islands that the Philippines are also claiming.

The U.S. will regularly send troops and equipment to the Philippines to conduct training and offer support to the Philippine Military. They are also focused in their patrol in the South China Sea to contest China’s assertive requests in the Philippine-owned Islands.

The issue of the former mayor and an apparent President of the Philippines is the two decades of vigilante killings in Davao City. Yet, the U.S. remained positive that they will work with him in his plans for the Philippines once he assumed the position as the next president of the country.

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