Cynthia Villar seeks to ban unli-rice promos

Cynthia Villar seeks to ban unli-rice promos

06152017 - UNLI RICE BAN


In an article from GMA News, on Wednesday during a committee hearing Senator Cynthia Villar called for banning the promo of restaurants offering unlimited rice to its customers.

Senator Villar is the chair of the Senate committee on agriculture and food. Consuming more rice, she urges people to eat more vegetables instead.

Senator Villar seeks to ban the unli-rice for the health benefits of the people and to help the government achieve the rice self-sufficiency goal. Since the government is planning to meet the rice self sufficiency goal by 2020 according to the Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol.

Senator Villar also encourages people to consume brown rice instead as this is more healthier compared to well-milled rice.

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