Viral: Suspected Maute Member Beaten by Military Men?

Viral: Suspected Maute Member Beaten by Military Men?

Viral: Suspected Maute Member Allegedly Beaten by Military Men?

Source: GMA News Online

A video obtained by GMA News depicting a supposed Maute member surrounded and ganged up by clad members of the military went viral on the internet.

Following the spread of the video, the Armed Forces of the Philippines will conduct an investigation to determine whether the said Maute member was indeed maltreated by the members of the military shown on the video.

Source: GMA News Youtube

It was reported that the incident occurred in the main battle area in Marawi City where the Maute member, wearing only an underwear, was beaten up by some of the military men that surround him.

Some of the soldiers were also seen to calm down their colleagues while some initiated to call for medical help before the alleged terrorist was handcuffed.

On the other hand, Colonel Romeo Brawner, Deputy Commander of Joint Task Force Group Ranao, said that the military makes zero tolerance to such abuses done by their members.

He said that stripping to the underwear is one of the standard operating procedures done on anybody who surrenders or those who were captured by the military for security reasons only.

Investigations will also be rolled out to determine what happens to the Maute member after the end of the video, added Brawner.

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