LOOK: Irresponsible Visitors Leave Trash @ Camarahan-Pahiron Ridge

LOOK: Irresponsible Visitors Leave Trash @ Camarahan-Pahiron Ridge

Mga higala! The Camarahan-Pahiron Ridge located between Brgy. Lumbia and Pagatpat has been getting a lot of attention recently and is being visited by many Kagay-anons and tourists for its relaxing atmosphere and scenic view!

The said ridge is easily accessible to everyone and can be visited at any time of the day.

However, the surge of sightseers, joggers, hikers, etc. has caused not only social media likes and promotion– but a surge of left garbage as well.

In the photos below by Jay Eduave, it can be seen that irresponsible visitors have left a lot of litter behind, like water bottles, pieces of cellophane, food packagings, and more.

Thankfully, some good samaritans volunteered to help clean up the mess.

But, this is not enough higala! We should all learn to properly appreciate and protect destinations like this and help preserve Mother Nature’s gifts.

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