Department of Tourism to Draft a Mindanao Tourism Agenda to be Pushed in the Next 6 Years

Department of Tourism to Draft a Mindanao Tourism Agenda to be Pushed in the Next 6 Years

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“For Mindanao, we will put forward a Mindanao Tourism Agenda. We will do this in consultation with you. We will strengthen the Bimp-Eaga especially our participation in this growth corridor. In fact, I am putting up a DOT Office of the secretary here in Davao, the home of our President,” said Wanda Teo, Tourism secretary, during a meeting held in Davao City over the weekend with industry stakeholders in Mindanao.

The said agenda is aimed to set policy directions to further foster the industry, predicted as the island’s major economic driver in the next six years.

“Whatever direction we pursue will not be as successful unless we listen to what our stakeholders have to say, factor in their inputs so that the plans will not just be DOT’s plan– it will be our collective plan,” Teo said and that she has been reaching out to tourism players across the country and with her team, they’ll be visiting various regions to listen to stakeholders.

Giving stress on sustainable, inclusive, resilient, transformative, stable and shared tourism, the Tourism secretary also wants a brand of tourism that is “by the people through the contribution of the many enterprises engaged in the business and in service of tourism; of the people because it conserves and promotes our heritage, national identity and sense of unity; and most importantly, for the Filipino people because what we do contributes meaningfully to their livelihood and their long-term aspirations – a better life for themselves, their families, their communities and our country” saying that the accreditation system is being assessed to stimulate more tourism players for them to improve their quality of services.

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