Wander through Laguindingan’s Tubajon Aqua Marine Water Park and Fish Sanctuary mangrove attraction

Wander through Laguindingan’s Tubajon Aqua Marine Water Park and Fish Sanctuary mangrove attraction

Wander through the tubajon aqua marine water park and fish sanctuary


Laguindingan is one of the most progressive municipalities of Misamis Oriental. Perhaps, one known and important factor for its consistent growth is the establishment of the Laguindingan International Airport which becomes the main aviation path for the municipality itself as well as nearby cities like Cagayan de Oro and Iligan and other municipalities as well.

With that, it is fitting to say that more and more visitors and tourists are taking the time to roam around the area and check what beauty lies in Laguindingan. Better yet, they should visit the Tubajon Aqua Marine Water Park and Fish Sanctuary at Barangay Tubajon for a novel marine water sanctuary appreciation and nature trekking activity combined.

From Cagayan de Oro City, you could either take a ride by taxi or bus to Laguindingan Airport for 40 minutes to an hour, and from the national highway,  a “habal-habal” ride is usually taken for about 10 minutes to reach Tubajon Aqua Marine Water Park and Fish Sanctuary.

Even at the entrance, the area is already oozing with eye refreshing scenery of the lush 22 hectares mangrove where tiny species of fish and other organisms take their natural habitat.

tubajon aqua marine park

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With just an entrance fee of P20 for adults and P10 for kids, you can already enjoy swimming in the aquamarine sea water in between rows of large clusters of mangrove trees while holding your own tripod for a video selfie or groufie. It is also where you could see local fisherfolks passing through the mangrove forest on board their boats after a day’s work at the sea.

You could also rent a cottage inside the mangrove forest for P300 to P500 depending on the size and enjoy a meal with your family, friends, and loved ones while enjoying the look of the place and the sunshine scattered through the twigs and leaves of the trees.

Tubajon aqua marine water park

Source: thebrokenheartedtraveller.wordpress.com

Aside from swimming, visitors can also roam around the mangrove swamps to watch how tiny crabs dig their holes on the ground and stranded little species of fish make their way to the sea.

tubajon aqua marine water park

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There are also boardwalks that connect several important points throughout the park. This is also a perfect opportunity to stroll around the place while overlooking the canopy of the mangrove forest while having an alone time with yourself or, especially, with a loved one.

As a protected zone, the Tubajon Aqua Marine and Fish Sanctuary has a few set of rules to be followed by their visitors. It is encouraged for visitors not to throw their garbage around the area that may block the waterways in between roots of mangrove trees. More importantly, illegal fishing activities like dynamite and cyanide fishing are strongly prohibited by those who manage the park.

tubajon aqua marine water park

Source: tsadani.com

There are just about so many ways to enjoy the Philippines, and mostly, it is through the endless discovery of the natural wonders it is endowed with. Let us see these wonders through our own eyes and make the most out of what is in store for us.





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