Weekend Adventure: The Spooky Bat Cave & Stunning Peak Of Mt. Palaopao

Weekend Adventure: The Spooky Bat Cave & Stunning Peak Of Mt. Palaopao

Mga higala! Wanna have an exciting adventure with your friends or family on this ‘long-weekend’?

Then, the MT. PALAOPAO of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, is going to be perfect for you!

The trekking adventure on this majestic mountain is complete with a scenic hanging bridge, a mysterious bat cave, and a stunning peak that will surely make your time and effort worth it!


The beautiful view above Mt. Palaopao.


Skeletons of some dead tribe members can still be found on the mountain’s bat cave! Spooky!

How To Get There?

  1. Ride a bus bound for Bukidnon at the Agora Terminal of Cagayan de Oro. Tell the conductor that you need to get off at the Kisolon Terminal so that he/she can help remind you.  Fare: P85
  2. After reaching the Kisolon Terminal. Go to their food court and ask on how or where to start climbing Mt. Palaopao.
  3. Minutes after you start hiking, you will reach a hanging bridge.
  4. Once you’ve crossed the hanging bridge, take the left side of the road and walk. You will then reach a diverged path, take the one that goes uphill.
  5. While walking uphill, walk along the side with houses and ask directions for the plaza of Sitio Palaopao. In the plaza, you will find a booth where you need to sign a logbook and pay an entrance fee of P30.
  6. They will then find a guide that will help you reach the peak. You will then need to pay the guide P300.
  7. Follow the guide and continue your adventure to the top of Mt. Palaopao. Don’t forget to explore the cave along the way and take lots of pictures!

For more details and photos, check out Rhene D’ Adventurer‘s post:

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