What To Do With Your Christmas Leftovers

What To Do With Your Christmas Leftovers

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Christmas day has passed but its spirit (and the leftovers) is still in our hearts (and in our refrigerators).

And we don’t want to waste anything, may it be love, time or food, right?

If you over-estimated for your Christmas dinner, here are some suggestions on what to do with the leftovers.


1. MAKE NEW DISHES. Don’t hesitate to search for ways in combining your leftovers. This will help freshen your family’s appetite, which will help in finishing all the food that you have.

Below are sample ideas on what you can create with the food you have now:

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Sandwiches If you have more than enough left over meat, slice it up thinly and make into a sandwich. Bread + leftover meat + veggies = fancy sandwich. Don’t worry about what you’re putting in the sandwich, we’re Filipinos right? Were creative and we are amazing when it comes to food.

Photo: http://img.taste.com.au

Frittatas- Leftover vegetable sidings like carrots, potatoes, peas, mushrooms make great frittatas. Add that ham you’re trying to finish and it makes a filling breakfast along with toast. Beat a couple eggs with milk and add leftover queso de bola plus your veggies and sautéed onions and seasonings and cook in a non-stick pan. Put it on a plate and voila! You now have something fancy for a snack.

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Cheese spread- Quezo de Bola, I’m sure many of you are concerned about letting this glorious ball of salty goodness go to waste and dry out in the fridge so here’s a good way to make it last and also make it a little more convenient to stuff yourself with it when you feel like it.

Grate leftover queso de bola and mix in with another glorious element: butter. It’s much like how you would make a cheese pimento spread. Actually, it’s exactly like that and you can go ahead and add the pimientos if you want. Spread on bread, toast or use it as a dipping sauce for your chips.


2. SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. It’s still the season of giving. Share with your neighbors and relatives something that they didn’t have in their recipes, or exchange other dishes with them so you can both help each other out in the most satisfying way possible- eating.


3. ORGANIZE A POST-CHRISTMAS PARTY. Since you already have the food, and you didn’t have time because all your friends were with their families on Christmas Eve. Small gatherings like this will surely provide a great opportunity to catch up and bond.





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