When Helping is Not Helping – City’s Issue With Beggars

When Helping is Not Helping – City’s Issue With Beggars

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Truth is, not all beggars get to have the same stroke of luck like that of Rita Gaviola (“Badjao Girl”), who got both the attention and a short stint of random possibilities we normally call opportunities.

Here in the City (Cagayan de Oro), we often see them in groups (mostly near intersections and fly-overs) carrying their sad emotions along with their “little ones” as they play with the kindness of others in hopes for sympathy in a monetary form.

Some give in, bringing the notion that at least they get to give them a chance to eat for a day. And besides, if you have some extra amount with you, why not share it with someone who seemingly needs it more. What helps thru that sympathy, is the sight of a baby carried thru a “malong” tied around their bodies. That image along makes us feel emotional in many ways.

On the other hand, while some people sympathize, others choose to turn the other cheek because they know that helping for a day or a moment, isn’t really helping the situation. For the likes, tolerating such act will only lead them (beggars) to depend on the kindness of others – and not to dream for themselves a better future and achieve it thru hard work.

Both reasons actually have their logic. Both reasons also represent different point of views. Point of views which dictate how we live our lives day by day.

Personally I believe that helping should not be an act of kindness one practices to feel better for themselves, but something we do to bring a little message of hope to the ones we are helping. That someone somewhere is willing to give an extra hand for a day or a moment so they can have one day or a moment to think about how they can better themselves for their future.

But when is helping really helping, and when is it not?

When is it right? And when is it enough?

This I want to know.

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