Where to Find Foreign Cuisines in Cagayan de Oro: Must-Try Restos and Fast Foods That Offer Your Most Wanted Foreign Delicacies

Where to Find Foreign Cuisines in Cagayan de Oro: Must-Try Restos and Fast Foods That Offer Your Most Wanted Foreign Delicacies

Siam Krua Thai (Siamese food)

siam cagayan de oro

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Connoisseurs of Thai food will find this name familiar as this is the old Siam by Krua Thai Restaurant that used to be at the now defunct Rosario Strip, but is now located at the Gateway Park, also in the Limketkai Center.

siam cagayan de oro

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It was actually very popular back when it opened in 2010 with its pure Siamese atmosphere and ambience.

siam dessert

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Siam offers surprisingly very good food at affordable prices with the average viands and dishes ranging from PhP200-PhP400 that can serve 2-3 persons. The Thai menu offers a wide range of vegetable, beef, chicken, and pork delicacies that many connoisseurs in the past have sworn to be delectably Thai.

Bigby’s Café and Restaurant (International cuisines)

bigby's cafe cagayan de oro

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The major concept of Bigby’s is to serve international cuisines, most especially their steak and shrimp menus which are somewhat favorites of repeat clientele.

bigby's cafe centrio

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Bigby’s is one of the oldest restaurants to be established in the Limketkai Center, and presently with another branch at the Centrio Ayala Mall.

bigby's cafe and restaurant

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bigby's cafe cdo

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It comes midway between fine dining and fast-casual eating. It is also the grand champion in the “Kumbira” International Competition for the years 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Mooon Café (Mexican food)

moon cafe cagayan de oro

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If you’re looking or just curious about Mexican food, the Mooon Café is the place for you. The name is not a typo, though many people do notice that the name is spelt with three o’s. In truth it actually represents the three names of the owners.

moon cafe cdo

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But then if you decide to go to Mooon out of curiosity for Mexican delights, then get ready for your tongue and taste buds to be bamboozled by a variety of appeteasers, salads, pot meals, special Mexican, pork/chicken/beef, fish, sausage, and pasta delicacies all cooked to real Mexican standards. You’ll find them at the Limketkai Center on the ground floor of Robinson’s.

La Tegola (Italian cuisine)

la tegola cagayan de oro

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The actual full name is La Tegola Cucina Italiana and is now located at Gaerlan corner Rizal Streets fronting the famous Gaston Park and St. Augustine Cathedral. It was formerly located on Hayes Street.

la tegola cdo

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It’s actually a better location because the fine dining ambiance is well suited to the quiet surroundings, and even the cathedral gives it a very Italian look.

la tegola

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Past clientele will attest to the restaurant’s superior Italian menu and taste that will leave your taste buds wanting more. It’s a cozy family place great for romantic dinners or small celebrations, or just a place to satisfy your Italian cravings.

Sbarro (Italian pasta and pizza)

sbarro cagayan de oro

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For those craving for pasta or pizza the real Italian way, you only need to go to the Centrio Ayala Mall and they’re located on the 2nd floor. Being a family pizza-pasta place since 1956, it’s no wonder that they’re food combos and menu lineup is truly and amazingly delicious.

sbarro centrio

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And yes, the kitchen is really made to be viewed by customers so they can see how the pizza is made. The good food with fresh ingredients with excellent service and affordable prices makes this small and cozy place more than just a fast food joint.

Tokyo Bubble Tea (Japanese food)

tokyo bubble tea

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People who pass by and read the name think it’s another of those “tea places” but when they see the customers inside eating full meals (all drinks are in tea form, of course, and hence the name), they tend to the side of curiosity.

tokyo bubble tea cagayan de oro

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If you like Japanese food and you’re sick of all those so-called Jap restos that don’t taste an iota bit like Japanese (and are expensive), then Tokyo Bubble Tea is the place for you.

tokyo bubble tea centrio

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The food is really delicious and very Japanese tasting with prices that are much lower than other Japanese restos out there. The concept is called a “famiresus” or “family restaurants” that are popular in Japan. You’ll find them at the third floor of the Centrio Ayala Mall.

Kenny Rogers Roasters (American dishes)

kenny rogers cagayan de oro

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Those who love the American South’s style of cooking chicken, potatoes, and gravy were probably dismayed when Kenny Rogers disappeared some years ago. But they’ve been back ever since, still at the Limketkai Center but at the edge of the Rosario strip in front of Gerry’s Grill.

For chicken lovers, this is the place, and the menu will never dismay you. Southern style American roasted chicken is a delightful favorite among Americans and the delicious chicken meals and other chicken combinations will leave you truly burping outside the door.

Secret Garden (Korean cuisine)

If you’re having a craving for Korean food, you might want to look for real quality and authenticity in the way it’s cooked and how it tastes. The Secret Garden is only about 5 minutes from the city proper along Masterson’s Avenue, Upper Carmen, in front of Xavier Estates main gate. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the entrance because once you’re inside you’ll feel the Korean ambiance straight out.

The menu and food is typically Korean and Secret Garden boasts of frequently returning customers, both Filipino and Korean. That’s how good they are. It’s a great place for family and friends with a coziness that will really make you relax and focus on all that delectable Korean food.

Ababu Persian Kitchen (Persian cuisine)

ababu persian kitchen cagayan de oro

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If you’re curious about Persian food, then you might want to try this new place at the Monte Carlo building on Corrales Avenue in front of Xavier University. Don’t confuse Persian with Arabian because there’s a big difference.

ababu persian kitchen cdo

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If you need to differentiate, for Persian food think of Iran or Iraq; for Arabian food think Saudi Arabia. See the difference now? The place is actually like a fast food joint, which is actually a good thing because the food is affordable and they even offer budget (tipid) meals for students.

ababu persian kitchen

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They serve whoppingly satisfying shawarma and their shawarma rice meals are really tasty. Their other Persian cuisine lineup is also awesome. It is recommended to pair their viands with salad rather than rice so you can truly taste the wonders of Persia.

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