Why Cagayan de Oro is Known as “The City of Golden Friendship”

Why Cagayan de Oro is Known as “The City of Golden Friendship”

Image Source | carlomer.wordpress.com

Image Source | carlomer.wordpress.com

If you’re looking for an awesome and wonderful place to stay where you can feel safe, secure and comfortable, you can visit Cagayan de Oro City anytime!

Aside from the amazing spots you can witness in the place, it is also tagged as The City of Golden Friendship because of the friendly,

Image Source | www.goodnewspilipinas.com

Image Source | www.goodnewspilipinas.com

hospitable, and precious people or we called Kagay-anons who constantly offer warm welcome to visitors and to every people they meet along. This has been one of the special traits of Kagay-anons in which, we Filipinos can be proud of and fortunately, the trait will be passed by generation-to-generation.

Wherever you go, whether in hotels, inns, or restaurants, Kagay-anons are admired by their great hospitality, accommodating and friendly staffs, and of course, the quality of service they implement. People in this city are also smiling

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Image Source | www.booking.com

kind of people that though they have encountered lots of problems, they can still manage to share their contagious pure smile to everyone around them. That’s the true spirit of Kagay-anons! Positive humankind who find happiness in every simple and little way.

To share a short information about why the people of Cagayan de Oro are called Kagay-anons, it actually originates from the word “kagay-haan”, the old name of the city which means a place of shame. It means that way because they believe and refer it from a legend where a prince and a princess of two warring chiefdoms fell in love and someone died and it became a place of shame. But after a recovery and therapy from the incident happened as the protagonist was helped and supported by friends with care, the protagonist in the legend had finally freed himself from shame and accepted and love the beautiful person in himself.

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Throughout the Philippines, Kagay-anons are well-known for being the friendliest people in the country. Aside from they offered sense of hospitality and innate friendliness, people here are also passionate when it comes to making someone feel at home.

If you try to make friends with Kagay-anons, there will be no boring days that you will experience. If you don’t know yet how it feels to have a Kagay-anon friend, then start today. People in Cagayan de Oro are easy and fun to be with. They treasure friendship like a family where they support one another and no one can separate the bond. Aside from being humorous, they also have many stories to tell and will share to you voluntarily. You’ll surely enjoy their company once you’ve started to hang out with them.

Image Source | www.cagayandeoro.gov.ph

Image Source | www.cagayandeoro.gov.ph

Going further about camaraderie, one of the most awaited festivals in Cagayan de Oro is the Higalaay Festival which is said to be based around camaraderie and friendship, unity and diversity. The purpose of the fiesta is to inspire the Kagay-anons and the new generation to bring the sense of passion, compassion and pride of being a Kagay-anon.

The fiesta is also open for tourists and it will be celebrated on August 28. If you want to witness how Kagay-anons showcase the beauty and what the city can offer to visitors like you, you are encouraged to join.


Image Source | www.choosephilippines.com

Image Source | www.choosephilippines.com

If you’re new to the city and you don’t have friends or relatives to hang out with, you should not worry about it because your Kagay-anon neighborhoods can make you feel that you’re like in your own hometown or country.

Take it from the experience of Kyle Jennermann or known as “Kulas”, a famous Canadian blogger of #BecomingFilipino (becomingfilipino.com) who found joy and beauty in his new home, Cagayan de Oro City.

If you try to visit one of his Becoming Filipino blogs, he expressed his fun-filled unforgettable experiences and how he was well-treated by Kagay-anons. In his blogs, he shared this line:

“I AM quite overwhelmed with how Kagay-anons welcomed me here in Cagayan de Oro. They have won me over with kindness, humility and happiness. They inspire me every day with their stories.”

He also added:

“I am speechless by how Filipinos, especially Kagay-anons, easily overcome tragic moments and immediately respond as one community. One reason why I do believe in hope is that you guys are the walking statement of love, hope and unity,”

If you’re not familiar with Kagay-anon’s culture, people here usually offer their homes to visitors or someone they think needs their help and accommodation. That’s how concern and caring a Kagay-anon can be.



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Kagay-anons are also known as very thoughtful people because they value other people over themselves. Like in a scenario where they have a visitor, they offer their best utensils, facilities and foods just to satisfy the needs of the visitor not thinking about their own sake, problem and situation. They also don’t mind if they will borrow some money or owe some goods on a sari-sari store just to buy something delicious for their guest.

In a special gatherings, Kagay-anons always ask their guests if they are fine and if they have eaten their meals or not because if not yet, they will be the one to make a move for their guest. It’s innate to them to be caring at all times. They care like everyone is part of the family and they always prioritize others than their own needs and satisfaction. That’s how pure their heart is. Caring and loving people indeed!

  • Roberto Balinado
    Posted at 00:47h, 13 November Reply

    The tag City of Golden Friendship was made possible by an authorship in a city ordinance filed by Atty Adolfo “Mending” Balinado sometime in the 70’s when he wanted the city to be known as the City of Golden Friendship. It was a reflection of the city by its people. It was also more of a continuing challenge to the Cagayanons to live up to that reputation. As Julius Casesar once said, “What is a city but its people. Thank you for including this in your blog. God bless you. = Bobby Balinado

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