Young Girl Raped and Killed, Choked Using Her Underwear in Gingoog

Young Girl Raped and Killed, Choked Using Her Underwear in Gingoog


On October 18, Tuesday morning, a dead body of a 10-year-old girl was found undressed and bleeding in a grassy area at Barangay Bal-ason, Gingoog City.

The victim was said to be a grade 5 pupil who was walking home from school that Monday when Ferlan Quiraban, 19, and his brother, 17 asked her to pluck fruits nearby.

They were used to be friends with the victim but the brothers later raped and killed her.

The victim’s own underwear was used to choke her that caused her death, according to the police.

The suspects were arrested and are now imprisoned at Gingoog City Police station.

The elder Quiraban protested that he did nothing to the victim but the younger said contrarily. He later admitted that he only held the girl while the younger one raped and killed the victim.

But according to the investigation, both brothers raped the young girl, Police Inspector Marilyn Pimentel of Gingoog City Police Women and Children’s Protection Desk (WCPD) reported.

The younger suspect also admitted that he was a shabu runner in the said barangay.

The victim’s family demands immediate justice. The victim was a loving, caring, and responsible daughter, the father said adding that she dreamed of working abroad someday to help the family.

The younger Quiraban will be turned over to Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) but both suspects will be facing rape and murder charges.

News Source: ABS-CBN

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