Yunik Foods – Crispy and Delicious Lechon Meal on a Budget

Yunik Foods – Crispy and Delicious Lechon Meal on a Budget

Lechon belly now seems to be a new food trend that is taking the whole country by storm, and Cagayan de Oro is no exception to this. After all, Cagayanons are known to be fond lechon eaters whether during special occasions or during meal times. The main attraction is to sell lechon belly at more affordable prices since ordering a whole lechon can be quite expensive. Also, Filipinos love their lechon skin so part of the sales pitch is to sell the crispy skin that goes with the lechon belly. This new delicacy also features a tastier meat inside since the belly is cooked with a mixture of condiments placed inside the belly while it is being roasted.

Yunik Foods lechon belly

Yunik Foods Lechon Belly

While a spate of several lechon belly places have sprouted up and just as quickly have suddenly disappeared, one lechon belly place seems to stand out and is often flocked to by numerous customers. This is Yunik Foods Lechon Belly, located along Capt. Vicente Roa Street corner Agudo Road, beside Metz Arcade and Graphics All-In Store. They are open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Metz Arcade

Yunik Foods is one of the tenants of Metz Arcade beside Centrio Mall.

Yunik Foods Staff

Yunik Foods Staff

Yunik Foods is a simple place that offers budget meals at only P50 (dine-in only), which includes lechon belly with rice.

Yunik Foods Budget Meal

Yunik Foods Budget Meal – P50

This is their main attraction along with the bevy of drinks you can order, or you can order lechon belly by the weight along with individual rice orders. Their whole slab of lechon belly is affordable at only P999 and with free delivery as well within city limits only. This is the perfect food addition for birthdays and other special celebrations.

When compared to traditional lechon, the average lechon belly weighs around 2.7 to 3 kilos. A traditional chopped lechon (including the bones) costs around P500 per kilo. Thus, a roasted lechon belly with the crispy skin and minus the bones at P999 makes for a really great alternative for any celebration or even a large group meal.

How it all started

Yunik foods customers

The idea of Yunik Foods lechon belly came from the fact that the proverbial lechon is not only a permanent fixture in Filipino parties and celebrations but now also during meal times. Lechon belly offers a more affordable alternative since you don’t have to order the whole lechon. Also in terms of the budget meals, lechon belly is also more affordable and tastes better than most lechon budget meals offered in other places.

Lechon belly plate

According to the owner, he calls his lechon belly the “rock n’ roll” lechon belly. This is because he cooks it so the taste can be matched with any alcoholic liquor or beverage. It now becomes the ultimate “pulutan.” Also, there is a live band place nearby and the customers from there often visit and eat at Yunik Foods before going home. The owner also wanted to concentrate only on lechon belly rather having a lineup of different dishes on the menu.

Yunik Foods sideview

The name of Yunik is obviously taken from the English adjective “unique” but given a more Visayan or “Bisaya” twist to it. The name sums up the “uniqueness” of the place but in a more Visayan way of description. It also sums up the owner’s feelings of Kagay-anons and their talents and skills.

The Rock n’ Roll Owner

Mr. Salvador “Budit” Dela Cruz contends that his business started with almost “zero capital.”

Proprietor - Yunik Foods

Mr. Salvador Dela Cruz – Proprietor of Yunik Foods

Though, of course, in practical terms, some money had to be used as capital, he contends that it was his love for the food business that pushed him to start this business using very little capital. According to Sir Budit , his favorite quote is “Do More What Makes You Happy.” If you have a passion for something, work harder on this passion. This quote also comes from his idol, “Johnny Cupcake” from the U.S.

Team About Cdo with Owner

Team About Cdo with The Owner and Staff of Yunik Foods

Sir Salvador is an Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) graduate of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. Before going into the food business, he was a former event organizer as well as a band organizer and manager for many local CDO bands, a few of which have moved on to larger gigs in other cities. Unlike other food outlets in the city, Yunik is his sole ownership. He is also the owner of the “Kidlat” tattoo shop near Xavier University.

The condiments and spices placed in the middle of the lechon belly while it is roasted is the owners own concoction and remains a secret (secret mixture as compared to a secret recipe). Each lechon belly is oven roasted rather than wood or charcoal roasted so the crispiness is well balanced.

For the near future

Yunik Foods Interview

As the “Ber” month season is now upon us, Mr. DelaCruz is contemplating a few promotions for the season to attract more customers. Of course, everyone knows that the December holiday season brings in a lot of parties and celebrations, so the lechon belly is the perfect addition on any dinner or celebratory table.

A unique promotion is a tattoo competition sponsored by Yunik Foods. A band competition is also being organized also sponsored by the lechon belly place. All these competitions must feature only local CDO talents and artists in order to highlight these locals.

Yunik Foods location

In the future, don’t be shocked if someone gives you a unique birthday gift consisting of a roasted lechon belly and some cute surprises. This most likely will come from Yunik Foods and this idea will soon bear fruition. Sir Budit hopes that in the future his lechon belly will be known all over the city as a “Yunik” type of food order and plans to expand with more branches citywide.

Yunik Foods can cook and deliver up to a maximum of 5 lechon belly for mass individual orders. For all those lechon lovers out there, Yunik Foods Lechon Belly is the new king of the lechon belly market in the city. For orders and other inquiries, get in touch with Yunik Foods at 09067488742.

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