ZOFATs Eatery: Deliciously New “eat-all-you-can” Diner @ ONLY P75

ZOFATs Eatery: Deliciously New “eat-all-you-can” Diner @ ONLY P75

A new diner is now trending among Kagay-anons due to its delicious menu with the cheap eat-all-you-can price of P75.00– The ZOFATs Eatery, which is located at the Magsaysay, Del Pilar Sts. near Pilgrim Christian College.

Eat All You Can Buffet for P75.

Since their soft opening on February 21, it has sold-out its food due to mobs of customers visiting their location. As of now, they are open from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm for Lunch and 6:00 to 8:00 pm for Dinner buffets. 

Customers are flocking the diner every day!

Filipino recipes.

ZOFATs Eatery also has a CLEAN PLATE POLICY to avoid the accumulation of left-overs.

Below are their current recipes:

* HomeMade Chicharon or SinugLaw
* Dinuguan or Sweet & Sour Fish or Sisig
* Kinilaw Bisaya
* Pancit Canton
* Chopsuey
* Lauyang Baka or Baboy (Sabaw)

Visit them now higala!


Source: ZOFATs Eatery

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